Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing


Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing & Karam Kriya have supported me very deeply on my path and it would be my absolute honour and privilege to share the skills and experience i have to help bring you more balance, health, peace, inner strength, love and trust into your life. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information on anything that is offered on this website. “

You can also book weekly classes, gong immersions, workshops, gong trainings and one to one classes with me here.

Preet Kaur is a member of the Karam Kriya School, KYTA, IKYTA & the Aquarian Teacher Academy. With over 12 years experience of teaching yoga and over 20 years as a sound healer, Preet offers:

Breath by Breath…Relax into Being
Breath By Breath…Release and let go of what is not you
Breath by Breath…Come back to your centre
Breath by Breath….Reveal your true self
Breath By Breath….Come into the lotus of your heart
Breath By Breath….Rejoice in an inner meeting
Breath by Breath..Be you. Simply be you.”

Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing & Karam Kriya Testimonials

“I attended a beautiful kundalini workshop led by Preet Kaur. I found the kriyas to be cleansing and powerful. Preet held space in such an authentic and nurturing way, making the practices accessible as well as being responsive to all the needs of the group – encouraging and challenging but also with a compassionate understanding. The workshop culminated in the most magical sound healing I have ever experienced. I have attended many sound healings before but none with the level of sensitivity and skill that Preet Kaur has. I was absolutely transported. The session re-evoked a love of kundalini yoga as well as reawakening energy on many levels. I felt restored, revived, and energised after the workshop. I felt very lucky to have experienced her uniquely poignant sound healing and I hope to go to many more sessions led by Preet Kaur. I highly  recommend her as a teacher and a sound healer. With utmost gratitude and respect,” Anna  

“What brings me back each week to this inspirational Kundalini yoga class (now for over 3 years)?.It is the commitment, pleasure, empowerment, joy and love from our teacher, Preet. I have found deeper peace, and connection as well as physical fitness and core strength. Fantastic!  Thank you so much for all you have given and shared. ” Nicki.

“Preet is a gifted sound healer and retreat leader. The sound goes deep. I felt nurtured, loved, supported and most of the time blissed out! On a physical level I can report that a knee injury that I sustained 5 months ago is markedly improved and on a spiritual level i feel that I have fed myself the most delicious nourishing spiritual food. Thank you!”  Cherie

“I have now worked alongside Preet for many years, she is incredibly talented and she puts her whole self into what she does, she is humble and sincere which is what I love about her. Her authenticity shines out of her and I could not recommend her enough as a teacher, sound healer and satnam rasayan healer.” Hari Shabd Kaur

“Thank you Preet for a really wonderful day. i have been wanting to learn to play the gong for a long time and the actual experience was way beyond my expectation. Your teaching was clear and amazing. I can’t believe how much we covered in a day. As always, a joy to be in a space held by you! “Love from Anjali