Karam Kriya




What is Karam Kriya?

Karam Kriya is a form of spiritual counselling that uses the guidance of the primary intelligence of the numbers to bring about change through exchange. In Karam Kriya, we study life through numbers and numbers through life. We are not basing our understanding of numbers from Western, Eastern or any other numerological models that are already known, though there will be some correlations between them. Instead we study the pure nature of the number, the mathematical and geometry of the number, the qualities and shadow nature of the number, the language of the numbers in conversation and we then explore the natural sequences of numbers and how they play out in life and in communication. In Karam Kriya we also study how numbers directly relate to the 10 spiritual bodies, the mul mantra and the virtues of the lives of the 10 Gurus (more on this will be given soon), which gives this form of counselling a great depth and wisdom to guide us in our communication with ourself and with each other. Karam Kriya was devised by my teacher Shiv Charan Singh and endorsed by Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga.

In life we all have a model of beliefs that we operate from, some of which may be true and others based on false impressions or false connections we have made in our lives and of the world at large. This is also the case in our communication. How often is your communication following the impulse of your soul, is putting you into the right relationship with yourself and each other, brings you connection, is transparent, kind and representative of what you really want to convey, has the right understanding, filled with love, truth, clarity, awareness and consciousness and brings you into relationship with your’s and each other’s true identity? It is easy to  fall short of this in communication, which can be very frustrating and sometimes this can lead to a breakdown in relationship.

So in Karam Kriya, the numbers, ten bodies, mul mantra and virtues of the 10 Gurus guides us to heal our word, clean up any incongruities and mis-undersandinsg,  mis-connections and unhealthy patterns and help guide our conversation and communication so that it become a bridge of connection and harmony within ourself and with each other. It can help to change your story from a karmic one to one that will bring you into relationship with your destiny.


Karam Kriya Workshops. 

Karam means karma or kindness and Kriya means to complete or exhaust. The innate intelligence and properties of the numbers guide us to have a change through an exchange. It provides a map to clear the karma and walk the path of Dharma. It brings transparency to patterns that we keep repeating in our lives and through our communication so that a new story can emerge. It is profound and awakening.  I will be offering introductory workshops on each number and combining this with the wonderful and transforming technology of Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing Gong Immersions and Kirtan. Here are the dates of these new workshops: 
25th April: 10am-4.30pm in Dorset £60 including lunch
29th August: 10am-4.30pm: in Glastonbury £60 including lunch 
11th October: 10am-4.30pm: in Glastonbury £60 including lunch
19th December: 10am-4.30pm: in Dorset £60 including lunch 
To book your place please contact: preetkaur108@yahoo.co.uk
More details on the specifics of the workshops to be found soon on:https://kundaliniyogasoundhealing.com/kundalini-yoga/workshops/

More information on these to follow.

Contact Preet on preetkaur108@yahoo.co.uk for more information and to book your place.

Karam Kriya 1 to 1 Consultations

Information on consultations to follow soon.


“Preet Kaur is a compassionate and skilful practitioner of Karam Kriya. Her deep understanding and the wisdom of Karam kriya enable profound insights, which give clarity and help when needed. Preet Kaur shares her insights with grace and a lightness of touch, which makes one feel safe, supported and honoured. I highly recommend her.” Karine Butchart