“The training touched on all levels, spiritual, emotional and physical and within a short time, we felt a connection to the power and healing potential of the gong. Preet held us all, giving us confidence to learn the strokes, and be fully grounded, present and and motivated in a wonderfully skillful way”
~ Diana

“Amazing weekend on part one of my Gong Training with the beautiful Preet Kaur! Absolute heaven to be learning this ancient instrument of transformative healing after so many years of feeling drawn to it.”
~ Saira Francis

“Such a wonderful training immersed in the Gong. Preet Kaur has the most gentle, fun and loving gift of giving a clear  approach to the Gong in every way. I have walked away filled with enough knowledge and confidence on how to BE with the Gong. Such an overwhelming experience, I left feeling amasing and full of energy. I can’t wait to get a Gong!!”
~ Alison

“Thanks to you Preet for your fabulous teachings of the beautiful gong. It was just so gentle, tender and respectful in every way and I personally feel as if a real shift has taken place for me this weekend. And many thanks to you Puran for your beautiful and generous hospitality and welcoming me into your lovely home.”
~ Juliet 

“I feel full of gratitude for my recent Gong training Journey, I was amazed by how much I learnt during the training. I found Preet to be a teacher full of grace, humour and wisdom; the teachings felt very organic, just perfect. I would highly recommend the training to anyone and everyone, it was truly a wonderful experience.”
~ Jennifer

“Thank you Preet, for a wonderful 6 days of training on the beautiful Isle of Portland. Everything about this training was perfect – Preet is a passionate and intuitive teacher, holding the space for us with great sensitivity, care and encouragement, allowing me to believe in myself and to find the confidence to share the amazing power of the gong with others. Being on the training for 6 consecutive days allowed me to fully drop into the energy of the gong – it was both powerful and completely transformative. There is absolutely nothing that I would wish to change, other than perhaps that it didn’t have to end!  The whole week was made even more perfect by the wonderful hospitality and warmth of Arianna – thank you so much for welcoming me into your beautiful home.”