Womens Retreats

Be a Warrior of Light and Spread Peace on this Earth
16th-18th September 2022- Glastonbury

Now more than ever, it is time to be a warrior of light; to eliminate inner conflicts and animosity; to treat yourself and each other equally and recognise the one light expressed in all. For there to be peace on this earth, we have to start with healing our inner splits, dualities and polarisations; to call on the waters of compassion to heal the wounds of the past and strengthen our longing to belong back home to the source of who we are so that we can experience deep peace within and have impact to spread the fragrance of peace on this earth. 

Come and join us for a transforming retreat and be of service to humanity. 
The retreat will be an immersion of kundalini yoga, guidance of karam kriya numerology, sound healing gong immersions, crystal bowl, tibetan bowl and voice healing and the gift of being with like minded souls together in community. 
Set in the beautiful Glastonbury countryside, a peaceful environment to let go and be held in a sacred place for your transformation.

“I would like to say a truly heart felt Thank You, for the retreat weekend. I enjoyed everything! The yoga and meditation session, and the beautiful kirtan evening, and the delicious nourishing food. I enjoyed being in a group but Spending time in silence. Loved the walk to the Tor too. I felt challenged, yet nurtured, blissful and at peace with where I am. Thank you for all the care and attention to detail, to make it such a special weekend, I feel incredibly grateful to have been there. Love Zoe”

On these retreats we provide you with:
-Kundalini yoga
– Mantra jappa/kirtan
-Sound Healing Gong Immersions
-Wisdom of Karam Kriya
-Time in silence.
-walk to the tor (weather permitting)
-Breath Walk meditation
-Sacred Space to let go, relax and be you.
-Delicious organic vegan nourishment.(on Glastonbury retreats)
-Space for transformation.
-Our presence, commitment, love and dedication to serve you.

Faciliators of Retreat: Preet Kaur & Hari Shabd Kaur

Preet & Hari Shabd Kaur have been running retreats together for the last 8 years. It is their absolute gift and honour to serve women to support them to live their lives in truth, grace, invincibility, fearlessness, faith, trust, love and courage. They are both kundalini yoga teachers and trainers, sound and sat naam Rasayan healers and kirtan players. Preet also is a gong trainer.


The food on our retreat is vegan, organic, locally sourced where possible and made with love and awareness by the fabulous Nicki Hillman and our wonderful sevadar Amritnaam. It is one of the many highlights our women enjoy on the retreat.


Paddington Farm is in the heart of Glastonbury countryside close to the Tor. The venue has a homely feel to the place and is comfortable. The accommodation is shared and mainly dormitory style. We have a digital free policy in the house and encourage participants where possible to immerse themselves in the retreat without contacting anyone by phone or email. However we do understand there are circumstances where contact is needed so we ask then to do that outside the main building.

Ceremonies for women on our retreat

One of the many highlights of our retreats is our ending ceremony. To honour all the women who come on our retreats, we complete the weekend with a sacred ceremony. It is a time where all the work the women have done on themselves during the retreat becomes integrated and the women are honoured with a showering of blessings in song, affirmations, flowers, sharing and heart opening connection and a lot more!

Price: £325 
For more information and to book your place on our retreat, please contact Preet Kaur:preetkaur108@yahoo.co.uk

Testimonials from the last retreat jan 2020:

“Dearest Preet and Hari Shabd, Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the most beautiful retreat. You delivered every moment with such sweetness and genuine love that time slowed down leaving time for the heart to heal and to find space for reflection and clarity. You were so generous with your love with which you delivered the retreat down to every detail that I felt with the utmost purity the warm joy of receiving your love – as if you opened a new gateway to receiving rather than just giving. The gorgeous food, flowers, music, gong, walk up to the Tour, our beautiful breath walk and of course the dancing were just few of the memorable highlights. The unexpected magical gift of a beautiful translucent angel remains in my back pocket. I gentle reminder of ‘I am here’” Claire

Yogic Immersion for Balance and Harmony
With Preet Kaur & Angad Kaur
6th-11th October 2022












October is the 10th month of the year and from the perspective of yogic science and numerology, it presents the themes of balance, harmony, re-tuning ourselves through the instrument of the body to boost the nervous system and enhance our radiance.

The season of autumn, the fruit stage in the cycle of a plant and the time of harvest offer guidance in bringing our physical, energetic, emotional, psychological and spiritual facets into harmony and wholeness.

Join us for 5 days of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Sadhana, Gong Immersions, Sound Healing, chanting and devotional singing, yogic numerology teachings and insights for everyone individually, time in nature, time to relax, and a nourishing yogic diet. A balanced program of activities and rest to recharge, rejuvenate, be in harmony with your true nature.

Teachers: Angad Kaur & Preet Kaur

Venue: Paddington Farm, an organic working farm in beautiful countryside 

Investment: £550 (includes simple, dormitory accommodation & all vegan meals)

Booking: Preet: 07704 636 647 / preetkaur108@yahoo.co.uk  Angad: 07771 803 562 / angadkaur@karamkriya.com

28-30 October 2022

One thing that is certain is that we are going to die. It is not an option. It is a requirement for all species. Death is guaranteed and even though we know this to be the case, the reality of this is often hard to face. Death particularly in some cultures is not talked about, it is hidden and there is often fear around our own death and for the death of our loved ones and the implications of what this means for us.

Death is with us and in each and every exhale we are reminded again and again that we are not here permanently in this body. We are visitors. All around us Nature reflects this truth to us; the spring flowers starting to wilt and die, the trees taking on the colours of autumn dying into winter. Without death, life and rebirth is not possible. 

This retreat is to sensitively and courageously explore the topic of death and dying; our relationship to death; what needs to die in our lives to make space for our true infinite identity to shine it’s light.  We will look into the journey of spirit and what happens when we leave this body. we will explore different practices to meet our own death with victory and with no regret. Like the ancient ancestors who worshipped death, we will bring death so close that it no longer frightens us and instead it will bring us closer to our true undying infinite nature enabling us to live our lives in jiwan mukht: Liberated whilst alive. 

Take a step and join us for this incredible journey. We are ready. Are you? 

Facilitators: Preet Kaur 

Investment: £180 for retreat (This price does not include accommodation or food). 
Location: Fell Edge Barn, Addingham Moorside, Yorkshire, LS29 9JX

Please let us know if you would like to join us by contacting Emmalene on: emmalene.katayama@gmail.com