Yoga Teacher Training

Aquarian Teacher: Glastonbury Starting February 2022:Dates to be confirmed soon.
KRI Level One Yoga Teacher Training Program in Kundalini Yoga

Training organised by Lead Practicum Trainer Angad Kaur & Preet Kaur
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Download your information pack now:
All you need to know regarding dates, venue, content of training, trainers, prices etc are in the information pack.

Testimonials from trainees from 2015-2016 training

“Sometimes, the route of our spiritual journey is a mystery to us even when we think we are in the driving seat and making all the decisions. I found myself being led to the teacher training even though I had no conscious desire to do it! At the end of every Kundalini class and in my times of quiet reflecton I knew it was part of my route to deeper connection and Home and yet every time I dismissed the quiet, persistent voice. At last, I heard and listened and then acted.The training has been one of my most dramatically enriching processes, I have been challenged at every single weekend to look deeper into my life, my values, my spirituality and to know what it is to live and love and grow my soul connection. I have also had the pleasure of getting to know a most beautiful group of students.” Nicki

“My journey with kundalini yoga has enriched and transformed my life more than I could ever have imagined. The opportunity to deepen my relationship, practice and understanding of the teachings through the training has been a joy and a privilege – especially from such inspiring teachers, and alongside such a beautiful group of people.Sat nam.”  Kirstie from Glastonbury Training 2015/2016

Shiv Charan Singh Director of Karam Kriya School introducing the teacher training.
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