Monochord Sound Healing – A Sonic Massage

Treat yourself to a sonic massage with the monochord sound healing table. Allow the healing vibrations help soothe and release tension and stress and tune yourself up for the new year ahead.

“The gorgeous dulcet tones of the Monochord, along with the beautiful voice of Preet, wow, the most amazing acoustic lullaby one could ever wish for, taking me in to a total relaxed state of mind….Thank you to my lovely wife for such a gift, and thank you to Preet for one of the most beautiful hours of my life…..Such a lovely experience.” Stu

Press play on picture below to hear the monochord being played.

“Preet is a gifted sound healer. The sound goes deep. I felt nurtured, loved, supported and most of the time blissed out! On a physical level I can report that a knee injury that I sustained 5 months ago is markedly improved and on a spiritual level I have fed myself the most delicious nourishing spiritual food. thank you!”  Cherie

What is the monochord?

The monochord is an ancient instrument invented by Pythagoras. He realised through exploring music ratios and harmonics that certain intervals in music had a profound and healing effect not just on humans, but certain ratios also governed the movement of planets.  One such interval having healing properties is a perfect fifth which the monochord uses for healing.

With the understanding of  how vibration is the healing medicine  of these times, clinical music therapist Joachim Marz developed the monochord as a sound healing table, 7ft long, 56 strings underneath half of which are tuned to C sharp and the other half tuned to G sharp (a perfect fifth).  What makes this instrument extraordinary is that due to its flat top, you lie directly on top of the monochord.

As the monochord is being played, the vibration goes directly into your body.  Each cell starts to resonate with the healing harmonics of the monochord, helping the cells to come back into holistic resonance and optimum functioning as far as nature allows.  It is like having a sonic massage.  You are being bathed from head to toe in healing resonance.

Benefits of monochord sound healing sessions

  • Release deep rooted stress.
  • Strengthen your glandular and nervous system.
  • Strengthens your immunity
  • Brings your body, mind and emotions into balance
  • Feel healthier, happier and whole.
  • Come back into harmony.
  • Release old blocks to help you move forward in your life.

Sign up for a course of transforming monochord treatments:

First Session: £70

Follow up sessions: £50

Monochord Sound Healing, Preet Kaur

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Angel of the Earth CD

Angel of the Earth CD, Craig Pruess & Preet Kaur (Ilyana Vilensky) By Craig Pruess and Preet Kaur (Ilyana Vilensky)

Artist of CD cover: Marlis Laduree


Brought to you from Heaven on Earth Music, creator of the celestial and popular albums: “108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine”, “Sacred Chants of Shiva” and “Sacred Chants of Buddha”. This is an album of vast expanse, deep relaxation and total immersion.

The music is ideal for healing, yoga, birthing and for relaxation. Using the 56 string MONOCHORD, a large wooden stringed instrument designed for sound healing (you lie on it!), the harmonics and overtones of this remarkable instrument have a profound effect on the nervous and glandular system, the body, mind, emotions and soul.

Craig Pruess, creator of the Sacred Chants series, and Preet Kaur (Ilyana Vilensky), Kundalini Yoga teacher and sound healer from Somerset, England, worked for over a year to capture these amazing sounds. Augmented on one track by Craig’s soft, soothing and lyrical sitar playing, along with tambura, bells and swaramandala, and graced by Preet’s solo shamanic singing style, the whole CD creates a sound bath – wave after wave washes over the listener. Native American Indian flute calls out on the second track, and the third track Ocean Prayer is a beautiful raga combining sitar, tambura, monochord, swaramandala along with Preet’s intoning and Craig’s deep Om chant.

Track Listing:

Song Name Time Preview
1. Sacred Temples 20:17 01 Sacred Temples preview
2. Angel of the Earth 19:47 02 Angel of the Earth preview
3. Ocean Prayer 22:13 03 Ocean Prayer preview

Artist of CD cover: Marlis Laduree


£12.95 + £1.50 P&P , UK distribution only!