Workshops & Retreats

Mantra Workshop: A Medicine for this Age

“When you recite a mantra, you make yourself positive, pure and your vibration is very penetrating.” Yogi Bhajan. 

If you are new to mantra or a seasoned mantra practitioner, this workshop is open to you. I will be teaching a very informative and practical workshop on What is mantra, How to make mantra effective, Why to chant mantra, When and How to use mantra to bring us into relationship with our true and infinite identity. It will be a day workshop from 10am -4pm on the Island of Portland with shared lunch by the sea (weather permitting) and lots of chanting!
14th July 2019: £60
8th September 2019:£60
To book your place, please contact Preet Kaur on:



Extra Special Summer Solstice Sound Healing Gong Bath: Friday 21st June 6.30-9.30pm
Mellulah Wellness Shala, Hazlebury Bryan, DT10 2AU  £25

Celebrate the Summer Solstice and the coming of Summer with an extra special sound bath, meditation with Chai and Yogi Tea and Raw Vegan Treats. A sonic massage that will fill you up with pure vital life force!

Contact Preet to book your place. Tel 07704 636647


Mini Kundalini Yoga & Sound Healing Gong Baths: Bourenmouth

I am delighted to be facilitating monthly 3 hour themed workshops with Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing Gong Baths at the Heart Centre in Bournemouth followed by tea and prashad. Dates are below and all start at 3pm and end at 6pm.  £30.
Here are the dates:
15th September 2019: Keep Up Spirit
20th October 2019: Awaken Intuition
NB: A whole day kundalini yoga and Sound healing workshop is also booked in at the heart centre on 17th November. More details to follow.

“I attended a beautiful kundalini workshop led by Preet Kaur at The Heart Centre. I found the kriyas to be cleansing and powerful. Preet held space in such an authentic and nurturing way, making the practices accessible as well as being responsive to all the needs of the group – encouraging and challenging but also with a compassionate understanding. The workshop culminated in the most magical sound healing I have ever experienced. I have attended many sound healings before but none with the level of sensitivity and skill that Preet Kaur has. I was absolutely transported. The session re-evoked a love of kundalini yoga as well as reawakening energy on many levels. I felt restored, revived, and energised after the workshop. I felt very lucky to have experienced her uniquely poignant sound healing and I hope to go to many more sessions led by Preet Kaur. I highly  recommend her as a teacher and a sound healer. With utmost gratitude and respect,” Anna Barrow 🙏🏻

To book your place on any of these workshops please contact Jyoti Manuel on:

Summer Solstice Day Workshop: The Path to Happiness
Saturday 22nd June 2019 £60









Happiness is a state of Being. It is not dependent on anything outside of you. Nothing and no one outside of you is responsible for making you happy. Yogi Bhajan says that happiness is our birthright. He gave us 7 steps to happiness.
We will explore the nature of true happiness as a state of being through the practices and teachings of Kundalini Yoga, sound healing gong baths, meditation and chanting. Life is a gift. Happiness is our birthright. Come and join me and celebrate Solstice and allow the day to put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and an experience of pure joy from the inside out!

Contact Preet to book your place. Tel 07704 636647

Gong Training

Gong Training: Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3: Only 3 weekends spread over 1 years
(Accredited by 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association)

Picture of a Beginners gong training

LEVEL 1: 16th & 17th November 2019
LEVEL 2 2nd & 3rd May 2020
Level 3: 26th & 27th Sept 2020

Cost of the 3 levels is £600. To confirm your place on the training, £200 deposit is required.

N.B:There is an additional cost of £10 per case study to be reviewed and marked.

Location of Training: Portland

To learn how to play the gong is a wonderful gift that brings many blessings for yourself, your loved ones and humanity. This Training is available for gong novices, yoga teachers or anyone interested in how sound healing with the gong can bring many healing benefits. The training is practical and will give hands on experience in playing the gong for yourself and for others.

Level 1 gives you the background about sound healing and the gong, how the gong affects your health, different layers of koshas, chakras and ten bodies, acoustics of the gong, physiology and anatomy of the gong, mallets, positioning when playing. how to approach the gong and you will learn basic strokes on how to invite the gong to play. You will learn any contraindications for sound healing.

Level 2: you will learn how to bring the strokes together, you will learn new strokes and the structure of how to give a gong bath. You will also learn how to use the gong in pranayama, relaxation and meditation. Once level 2 is completed, you will need to do 10 case studies working with people you know which will be recorded and part of your assessment to complete the training.

Level 3: You will deepen your skills in intuitive playing and be given practicums and assessments in order to certify as a gong practititioner.

Preet Kaur has over 20 years of experience in playing the gong for healing and transformation. She has been training others in gong playing for 10 years now.  She runs regular gong baths,  gets invited to do gong sound baths at other people’s retreats or private celebrations, she does space clearing with sound and mantra and one to one sessions. Please see below for comments from some of her clients or participants:


“Such a wonderful training immersed in the Gong. Preet Kaur has the most gentle, fun and loving gift of giving a clear  approach to the Gong in every way. I have walked away filled with enough knowledge and confidence on how to BE with the Gong. Such an overwhelming experience, I left feeling amasing and full of energy. I can’t wait to get a Gong!!” Alison

“Thank you Preet for a really wonderful training. i have been wanting to learn to play the gong for a long time and the actual experience was way beyond my expectation. Your teaching was clear and amasing. I can’t believe how much we covered. As always, a joy to be in a space held by you! “Love from Anjali

“What a wonderful training ~ Preet’s passion for, and her deep relationship with the gong gave us the perfect space to explore our own ~ her intuitive teaching and support made learning simple yet allowed us to step deeply into sacred space with each other and the gong ~ I’m hooked! A beautiful experience shared with beautiful souls and an amazing instrument ~ Thank you” Sara

“The training touched on all levels, spiritual, emotional and physical and within a short time, we felt a connection to the power and healing potential of the gong. Preet held us all, giving us confidence to learn the strokes, and be fully grounded, present and and motivated in a wonderfully skillful way” Diana

To book please contact Preet to book your place. Tel 07704 636647

AWAKEN YOUR SELF: 27th-29th September 2019
Vibrate the Universe and the Universe will vibrate you!

Come and join Hari Shabd & Preet Kaur for our Awaken Your Self Retreat and ignite and awaken the dormant seed within. Allow the experience of Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing Gong Baths, Mantra Jappa, Silence, Sadhana and time in nature to enable the seed to take root, grow, flourish, flower and vibrate your true identity.
In addition to sharing the gifts that Kundalini Yoga and Sound Healing brings, this retreat we will also be doing a sacred and special 24 hour Mantra Jappa. Jappa is used in many cultures as a way to connect with your Divine Self. Repeating a mantra constantly and consistently ignites a deeper vibration inside the body and mind so that you can sit in your centre and become the centre of your universe. Mul Mantra is a seed and every seed needs the right conditions, nourishment for it to grow, open and flower. The Mul Mantra gives you an experience of the depth and consciousness of the Self. It kills fate and awakens you to your destiny. Reciting this mantra can change your destiny to complete prosperity and help you find your spiritual identity and the way and means to live it.

On this. retreat we provide you with:
-Kundalini yoga
-24 hour Mul Mantra Jappa
-Sound Healing Gong Baths
-Time in silence.
-Sacred Space to let go, relax and be you.
-Delicious organic vegan nourishment.
-Space for transformation.
-Our presence, commitment, love and dedication to serve you.

Venue: Paddington Farm, Glastonbury, BA6 8JN
Price: £295 (10% off when booked before 20th May)
Booking: Preet

TESTIMONIAL (from our last retreat)
“Again and again, thank you and thankyou to Hari Shabd for your wonderous work; gentle, but oh so powerful, deeply, deeply nourishing, and held with such compassion and heart felt love and committment. A mouthful I know, but, it comes from my heart as I continue to feel the inner and outer effects of the profound teachings circulating and vibrating. All from your subtle facilitation.” Nicki

The path to Happiness: Life as a Celebration
15th-17th February 2019
Happiness is a state of Being. It is not dependent on anything outside of you. Nothing and no one outside of you is responsible for making you happy. Yogi Bhajan says that happiness is our birthright. He gave us 7 steps to happiness.
We will explore the nature of true happiness as a state of being through the practices and teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Sadhana, sound healing gong baths, sat nam rasayan healing, space to be, silence, dance, time in nature.Life is a gift. Happiness is our birthright. Come and join us on our Breath by Breath Retreat this February. Let the retreat put a smile on your face, a spring in your step, and an experience of the pure joy as we dive into the depths of the Self.
What will we do?Kundalini Yoga, Sadhana, sound healing gong baths, sat nam rasayan healing, space to be and to heal, dance our socks off, time in nature and more.
Early Bird price: £295 (10% of the profit goes to Guru Ram Das Project) Your payment makes a difference!
Hari Shabd Kaur & Preet Kaur are Kundalini Yoga Teachers, Healers, musicians and singers.
“This is our 5th Breath by Breath Retreat working together. We feel blessed to facilitate these retreats and to hold a safe space for you as all unfolds in the retreat. We are here to be of service to you.”
Organic Vegan Food:
You will be spoiled by delicious organic vegan food made with love and joy by Nicki Hillman who has been delighting all our participants with her unique alchemy of cooking.
Venue: Paddington Farm in the heart of Glastonbury Countryside
For more information and to book, please contact Preet Kaur on 07704 636647 or email her on We are here to serve you and facilitate a retreat to bring you into the joy of simply Being YOU!
N.B:This retreat awards 10 CEU’s to members of KYTA
Here is a feel good happy song to get you into the feel good factor! Enjoy!

Here are a couple of testimonials from our last retreat:

“We were welcomed into a warm and nurturing place where we were supported each minute of this beautiful weekend. It was a delight to receive the teachings from Preet and Hari and to share the experience with a group of wonderful women.” Vanessa & Maggie

“The retreat helped me to reflect and bring a sense of meaning to my life. The entire weekend was well planned and introduced me to a variety of different kundalini practices which helped to strengthen my mind, body and soul. I really enjoyed the style of teaching and was very impressed with how knowledgeable both yoga teachers were. The yoga teachers and their team were kind and compassionate and ensured I was well looked after .
I met some lovely ladies on the retreat and the communal living helped to foster a warm friendship. I’m looking forward to attending the next retreat!!! ” Valine