1-to-1 Sessions

Kundalini Yoga 1 to 1 Sessions: tailored to your needs at a time that suits you

One to One Sessions are ideal when:

  • You want to learn the basic techniques of Kundalini Yoga required to join a regular class.
  • You want to develop a personal practice in Kundalini Yoga focusing on specific areas of development in your life: eg. prosperity, health, happiness, trust.
  • You can’t get to a regular class, but would like to practice Kundalini Yoga.
  • You want to practice Kundalini Yoga at a pace that suits you.

To book your 1 to 1 online yoga session, please see booking system below. if you have any questions you would like to ask before you book, please contact Preet Kaur on 07704 636647 or email her on preetkaur108@yahoo.co.uk 

” Having Preet Kaur as a teacher to me, feels like having a mentor.  Her approach to teaching Kundalini yoga comes from the heart, she truly is authentic and experienced and is willing to listen to your life’s issues and address them through the teachings, plus she gives you work to do in between sessions. Practicing Kundalini Yoga solo is fine, but with Preet teaching me through Skype I get way more out of the session than I would if I practiced it solo.  Plus it’s flexible so I can easily fit it into my busy life. I have had numerous teachers over the last three years but I have never felt as comfortable as I do with Preet. She is kind, compassionate, flexible, patient and intuitive. I highly recommend her Skype sessions”. Caroline