A Series of Online Karam Kriya Workshops
Starting September 2023







A Magical Journey to the SELF through Karam Kriya Spiritual Numerology & Kundalini Yoga: Starting September 2023: ONLINE (Dates of the workshops will be agreed upon together once the course is filled. I only take 4 people to give you a bespoke programme of mentoring)
An exquisite mentoring and magical journey to the Self using the powerful combination of Karam Kriya with Kundalini Yoga. Study numbers through life and life through numbers: a map and a guide to Self Discovery.

“The Karam Kriya course far exceeded my expectations. Preet skilfully and sensitively guided us through the information giving us a deep and profound experience of Karam Kriya & Kundalini Yoga. This course has taken me deeper into the teachings in a meaningful way which has greatly impacted on my life.” Matinder Kaur

Time: Each workshop over the 9 months will start at 10am and finish at 4pm with an hour for lunch. 

Dates: Starts September 2023. All dates will be agreed together as a group once the course is filled.  Please ignore the dates and hours of the course in the booking system. it doesn’t have an option for booking a course where we decide on the dates together. 

Cost: £400 for the whole series of 9 days of workshops. 


The Journey of Alignment Workshop 
Saturday October 14, 2023 10:00 am – 4.30pm 

“Meditation is dipping the thoughts in the cloth of God, the thought of God. Meditate to discover God.” Swarmi Priyananda Come and join us in Sangat and dive deep into the experience of meditation. Practice Classic Kundalini Yoga meditations known for their powerful transformative benefits. Raise your vibration with mantra based meditations with both live and recorded music. Experience healing, the flow of creativity and the upliftment of the soul through the wonder food of celestial communication meditations. Boost your immune system through the technology of pranayama.

Location: 7 Locks Hill, Frome, BA11 1NA

Investment: £60


Rebirthing Workshop
Sunday December 10, 2023 10:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The journey through time and space is a horizontal path. It is a place where we get intoxitacated by the sweet wine of Maya. In the age of Kali Yug, the Iron Age, which we are currently traversing, our consciousness is veiled by 75%. We get lost in hypnosis and fantasy. We look out to the world to complete us. We take actions that keep us in the cycle of karma, action and reaction, keeping us going round and round on the treadmill of Maya. This workshop is an invitation to call us back to alignment. To remember we are a spirit having a human experience and that we have a gift and treasure to retrieve in this life. Time moves on and Prana starts to diminish and there comes a point where were are compelled to align ourselves to that which is real; dwell in out true nature and awaken our consciousness and take the vertical path back home. Come and join me and receive the wisdom, teachings and practices of kundalini yoga, karam kriya and sound healing immersions to bring you into your verticality, to anchor deeply into your Self and keep you steady as stone and aligned with our true nature throughout all your challenges of life.
Location: St Edmunds Community Hall, Chinnock Road, Glastonbury, England, BA6 8EW

Investment: £60