Karam Kriya Workshops

25th July or 22nd August 2020. 10-12.30pm £25.00

This workshop is to give you an introduction to the numbers and how the numbers can guide us in life and how life brings us closer to the natural intelligence of the numbers. we will explore how numbers are like pieces of a puzzle that when we start understanding the pieces and how they go together a clearer picture and understanding of our life starts to emerge which is where change and transformation can happen helping us move from a karmic story to an unfolding of our destiny. We will also look at numbers in our date of birth and how they act as a map and guidance for our life.

A series of Online Karam Kriya Workshops

An exquisite journey to the Self using the powerful combination of Karam Kriya with Kundalini Yoga. A journey and a guide to Self Discovery.
10am -4pm £40 individually or Book the whole course of workshops for £270 (a saving of £90)

Number 7:Make the Mind Transparent - 19th September 2020
Number 5:Experience is our teacher - 10th October 2020
Number 1: Impulse of your Soul -7th November 2020
Number 2:Longing to belong: Heal the sense of separation -19th December 2020
Number 3:From Karma to Dharma - 17th January 2021
Number 4:Awaken the bud of consciousness -13th February 2021
Number 6:Ignite the Warrior within - 20th March 2021
Number 8:The power of infinite compassion - 17th April 2021
Number 9: Magic, Mystery & Mastery 15th May 2021