Karam Kriya Workshops

A series of Online Karam Kriya Workshops

A Magical Journey to the SELF through Karam Kriya & Kundalini Yoga: Starting January 2021: ONLINE
An exquisite mentoring and magical journey to the Self using the powerful combination of Karam Kriya with Kundalini Yoga. Study numbers through life and life through numbers: a map and a guide to Self Discovery.

“The Karam Kriya course far exceeded my expectations. Preet skilfully and sensitively guided us through the information giving us a deep and profound experience of Karam Kriya & Kundalini Yoga. This course has taken me deeper into the teachings in a meaningful way which has greatly impacted on my life.” Matinder Kaur

Number 7: Make the Mind Transparent – 7th January 2022
Number 5: Experience is our teacher – 11th February 2022
Number 1: Impulse of your Soul -11th March 2022
Number 2: Longing to belong: 8th April 2022
Number 3: From Karma to Dharma – 13th May 2022
Number 4: Awaken the bud of consciousness -10th June 2022
Number 6: Ignite the Warrior within – 15h July 2022
Number 8: The power of infinite compassion 23rd September  2022
Number 9: Magic, Mystery & Mastery 14th October 2022 

Time: 10am-4pm with an hour for lunch. 

Cost: £400 for the whole series of workshops. 

For more information or To book your place on this exquisite journey to the SELF, please contact Preet on:preetkaur108@yahoo.co.uk

What is Karam Kriya?

Karam Kriya is a form of spiritual counselling that uses the guidance of the primary intelligence of the numbers to bring about change through exchange. In Karam Kriya, we study life through numbers and numbers through life. We are not basing our understanding of numbers from Western, Eastern or any other numerological models that are already known, though there will be some correlations between them. Instead we study the pure nature of the number, the mathematical and geometry of the number, the qualities and shadow nature of the number, the language of the numbers in conversation and we then explore the natural sequences of numbers and how they play out in life and in communication. In Karam Kriya we also study how numbers directly relate to the 10 spiritual bodies, the mul mantra and the virtues of the lives of the 10 Gurus (more on this will be given soon), which gives this form of counselling a great depth and wisdom to guide us in our communication with ourself and with each other. Karam Kriya was devised by my teacher Shiv Charan Singh.

In life we all have a model of beliefs that we operate from, some of which may be true and others based on false impressions or false connections we have made in our lives and of the world at large. This is also the case in our communication. How often is your communication following the impulse of your soul, is putting you into the right relationship with yourself and each other, brings you connection, is transparent, kind and representative of what you really want to convey, has the right understanding, filled with love, truth, clarity, awareness and consciousness and brings you into relationship with your’s and each other’s true identity? It is easy to  fall short of this in communication, which can be very frustrating and sometimes this can lead to a breakdown in relationship.

So in Karam Kriya, the numbers, ten bodies, mul mantra and virtues of the 10 Gurus guides us to heal our word, clean up any incongruities and mis-undersandinsg,  mis-connections and unhealthy patterns and help guide our conversation and communication so that it become a bridge of connection and harmony within ourself and with each other. It can help to change your story from a karmic one to one that will bring you into relationship with your destiny.