Code of Ethics & Rights of the student

As a student of Kundalini Yoga you have the right:

1. To have a safe, clean and welcoming class environment.

2. To be treated with kindness, respect and honesty.

3. To be treated equally with other students, without discrimination.

4. To freely choose where, and with whom, you study Kundalini Yoga.

5. To receive the pure and timeless teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

6. To practice Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at your level of comfort, capacity and self-care while respecting the needs of others.

7. To have a Student-Teacher relationship that is professional, respectful and graceful.

8. To practice Kundalini Yoga free of personal, sexual, financial, religious or political pressure from your Teacher.

9. To respectfully ask questions or raise issues of concern or complaint, openly or anonymously, and receive honest answers and fair consideration without fear of ridicule or retaliation.

10. To enjoy your Kundalini Yoga journey!