Preet has already published one CD, Angel of the Earth, with Craig Pruess.  The next CD with Aquarian Sadhana Mantras is going to be released in November and all the proceeds of the CD will be going to the Guru Ram Das Project to provide yoga to people who desperately need yoga, but have not got the funds to attend classes.

Angel of the Earth CD

by Preet Kaur (Ilyana Vilensky) & Craig Pruess

Angel of the Earth CD, Craig Pruess & Preet Kaur (Ilyana Vilensky)

Brought to you from Heaven on Earth Music, creator of the celestial and popular albums: “108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine”, “Sacred Chants of Shiva” and “Sacred Chants of Buddha”. This is an album of vast expanse, deep relaxation and total immersion.

The music is ideal for healing, yoga, birthing and for relaxation. Using the 56 string MONOCHORD, a large wooden stringed instrument designed for sound healing (you lie on it!), the harmonics and overtones of this remarkable instrument have a profound effect on the nervous and glandular system, the body, mind, emotions and soul.

Preet Kaur (Ilyana Vilensky), Kundalini Yoga teacher and sound healer from Somerset, England Craig Pruess, creator of the Sacred Chants series, and, worked for over a year to capture these amazing sounds. Augmented on one track by Craig’s soft, soothing and lyrical sitar playing, along with tambura, bells and swaramandala, and graced by Preet’s solo shamanic singing style, the whole CD creates a sound bath – wave after wave washes over the listener. Native American Indian flute calls out on the second track, and the third track Ocean Prayer is a beautiful raga combining sitar, tambura, monochord, swaramandala along with Preet’s intoning and Craig’s deep Om chant.

CD covers from paintings by Marlis

Track Listing:

Song Name Time Preview
1. Sacred Temples 20:17 01 Sacred Temples preview
2. Angel of the Earth 19:47 02 Angel of the Earth preview
3. Ocean Prayer 22:13 03 Ocean Prayer preview

Artist of CD cover: Marlis Laduree


£12.95 + £1.50 P&P: Only for Uk distribution at the moment.



To be released November 2023










About 4 years ago, a seed was planted to create a mantra CD in aid of raising money for the Guru Ram Das Project to provide yoga to people who cannot afford to go to classes, particularly to serve those souls who are more on the fringe of society, who would benefit greatly to receive Kundalini yoga and meditation classes. Some things take time to birth. This CD was one of them, but it is ready to take flight and to be shared. My prayer is that the Cd will not only uplift you, but by buying the CD, it will also be of service to many souls in need.

10 wonderful musicians and supporting singers plus our production team joined me in service to create the Aquarian Mantra CD. I am in deep gratitude to the following souls that gave their voices, their musicianship, their time, love and devotion to make this happen.

Main Vocals: Preet Kaur
Supporting Vocals: Vaishnavi Brassey, Lalita (Sian Alcock), Nicki Hillman, Karine Butchart, Martha Valiadi
Harmonium: Martha Validi (wayante mantra) Vaishnavi Brassey (For the remaining mantras on the cd)
Guitar: Preet Kaur, Clive Hughes & Ben Reynolds
Tabla: Mike Ford
Violin: Lela Mai
Production of CD: Tony Hobden & Co.

I am also deeply grateful to Marlis Laduree for allowing us to use her beautiful art work for our CD.

Artist of CD cover: Marlis Laduree