Intermediate Gong Workshop

Sunday 26th February: Intermediate Gong Workshop
“The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind.  There is only one thing that can supersede and command the human mind-the sound of the gong. It is the

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Sound Healing Gong Meditation

Sound Healing Gong Baths
The gong is a very powerful and transformational tool. On a physical level, the gong releases tension and blocks in the body, it stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system, it increases prana;

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Dates: 15th jan, 22nd Jan, 29th Jan, 5th Feb, 12th Feb, 19th Feb, 26th Feb, 4th March, 11th March
Location:  Near Wells
Time: 5-7.30a.m
Donation: £5
Shared Breakfast: Please bring breakfast food to share.  I will make
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