2021: Build Bridges. Not walls. By Shiv Charan Singh

December 30, 2020

2021: Communication: Build Bridges Not Walls.
Insights from Shiv Charan Singh on the year 2021

This text is not intended as any type of prophesy. It is a reflective commentary on the themes associated to the numbers that the year 2021 brings into our lives. It is for the reader to determine if, and how, to translate these into their own personal and social life.

The first and most obvious numerological shift is that the 0 at the end of 2020 is replaced with a 1 to give us 2021. Then the 20 becomes 21 which adds to 3. And finally, the total of 2021 adds to 5. We will now take a look at these numbers starting with the overall sense of the year through number 5.

As the numbers are present for the whole year, then the qualities shared here are potentially effective from the first day of the year. Some people may feel an immediate connection while for others it can be a slow unfolding over the whole 365 days.

The collective destiny number of the year. 2021 = 5

Some qualities associated to 5 are paradox, inversion, reversals, change, Communication, connections, exchange, Threshold, twilight,

Physical body as a spiritual body. 5 senses, 5 elements. Learning and learning how to learn.
Identity. Sacrifice. Fruit and harvest. Dynamic balance.

This is a year to initiate yourself into action leading to self-education for the benefit of all. Educate yourself about yourself and live from that inner sense of self. All exterior education is interesting, enjoyable and useful for successful functionality in time and space on Earth. But the deeper prosperity and peace in life comes from being educated about yourself. Your experience is always trying to teach you something, but it is another step to really know what your experience is teaching you. Ultimately the message is about your own identity of self.

Every moment is a learning opportunity. Your whole body is a sensory equipment for learning. In constant transformation. The body you had yesterday is gone. Sacrificed for the body you are yet to have.
The transitory nature of experience can lead you to sense the continuity of the self that is having the diverse experiences.

A flower could be said to have 3 stages.
4 – The bud. Inner gathering. Nucleus forming. (2020 = 4)
5 – the sacrificial transition into opening. Layers of outer protection peeling away. Sacrificing the cosy inner world. A dynamic threshold between the inner and outer experiences.
6 – the flower in full bloom. Throwing its heart to the world. (2022 = 6)

2021 = 5. A time to explore that intermediate stage between staying indoors and opening into full vulnerability and wonder.

5 is balance, harmony, equilibrium, the middle way.
throughout history transformational sacrifices, for the benefit of others, have been made by those who held the middle line. Those who sensed a bigger picture and more fundamental common ground, Not bowing to pressure from one side or the other.

To find the balance we must cross over the middle line again and again. It is a learning process. Perhaps, first by swinging to the extremes. Then, eventually staying closer to the centre. None the less still alternating. The dynamic nature of life reminds us that the balance of life will also be maintained through a dynamic process rather that static, which would become rigid. Being adaptable but not to the extent to lose your own balance, centre, and sense of self. Each pair of numbers suggest the polarities between which to gently, but clearly, alternate.
1/9 convergence/divergence, humility/dignity.

2/8 empty/full. Between need and abundance.
3/7 show/see. Express yourself / be a witness to others self-expression. Create/destroy. 4/6 receiving and giving. Closing/opening.

5 is the switch. It occurs in how we manage the physical body, the 5 senses, and in our use of language.

5 is communication. Changing the quality of our communication.
The spoken word is like a boomerang. It echoes back upon you. Guru Naanak reminds us to speak only that which brings honour. Slandering others is one of the worst things a person can do to themselves.

Speaking truthfully. Not speaking the truth. since truth is beyond every-day, normal, knowing. But not abandoning truth. Not lying to satisfy the trend, to please the people. Not saying just what people want to hear. Rather pointing to something beyond the superficial. Being a signpost by your own example.

If you are spending your physical, emotional and mental time and energy on building walls then know that you are creating your own prison. If your invested in trying to tear some walls down this is not efficient. Some walls are already crumbling and will continue to. Other walls have a lot of back systems to keep rebuilding themselves.

So, what to do? Build bridges. create doorways, thresholds. openings. Invite people to the centre space for an open conversation. Learn the art of Conscious Communication.

5 is sacrifice. Sacrifice truth or your fears and doubts.
What do we sacrifice when we build walls? What do we sacrifice when we build bridges?
Never mind if you do not feel understood initially. Stay at the portal of communication. (See 3 and 1 below). We need to get together. Share our struggles, share our problems, share our solutions.

The world is increasingly polarised. People are turning their back on one another. Shutting their ears or speaking behind the backs of others. Instead of enjoying the polarity play of equal and opposite forces, the other gets called the opposition and are damned. Through rejection and denial people eclipse their own family members, neighbours, colleagues.
Whatever the topic, people are swinging to the extreme of one side or the other.
Whether we are talking about politicians, priests, teachers, climate change or science and the virus’ etc.

Unconditional acceptance, all-embracing, no doubt. Believe the government, the science, the reports. Messianic praise and adoration.

Total rejection, denial, suspicion.
Reject it all as lies and manipulation. Demonising and generating hate and fear

Taking a position is not the same as taking sides.
2020 was to develop the capacity of the human heart to hold all this in the cup of loving prayer. To prepare to step onto the bridge of paradoxical truth which is both and neither of the above. 2021 asks you to step on the middle ground. The meeting place of contradictions.

This is not about any single person in power, or any single global issue. This is about the entire humanity.

We are not just talking about one person or people in power. We are talking about humanity. we are talking about ourselves. We are all living contradictions evolving to paradoxes. In the same sentence we may tell a lie and truth. On the same day we may perform and act of cruelty and an act kindness.
The paradoxical middle ground is not an easy place to remain. Not easy for the individual, due to mind-body tension in the nervous system. Socially and politically not easy to gold the middle ground – because you do not take sides in the dualistic battle for the psyche of the people. Do not expect appreciation from others in this matter. The Karma of this year is ‘who is friend and who is enemy’. The dharma of this year is ‘We are One’.

I am, you are, I am you, you are me, we are we, we are one

This is not merely about politely acknowledging the many sides of relative realities, and then using it to avoid taking a position (bypassing). It is about taking one’s own position. Standing right in the middle of all the angles. Bypass the dramas, bypass the social pressure, bypass the influence of the media and all the clever arguments and conflicting opinions. Stand in your own shoes as you. A place of freedom but also high tension. It is a training to be calm in the middle of storms to come. (polarisations sooner or later, lead to never ending war where nobody ever really wins).

5 is the physical body. Why be in this physical body with its rich variety of sensory capabilities and never sense the soul, the essential nature of self. The expression Karta Purkh conveys the nature of the Physical Body as a Spiritual Body. The Being of Spirit (Purusha) moves and breathes in all we do, say or think. Everything that has been said above about the number 5 is intimately related to the physical body and the experience it provides you. Consider the consequences of extreme behaviours. Too much, too little, or the wrong kind of living. Self- care and harmony with the matters of the body are advised. A healthy balance in diet, exercise, rest, and use of sexual/vital energy.

5 The paradox of the harvest and sacrifice. Traditionally when the harvest is collected there is also a sacrifice. And offering of thanks and appeasement to the material and spiritual forces of nature.
5 is also related to the throat and neck. A sacrificial animal would traditionally be executed by beheading or cutting the throat.

What does it mean to lay your head on the ground, to sacrifice your head, and open up your neck? The head is the domain we associate to thought and mind. Laying down all; all mental constructs (prejudices, projections, theories, beliefs, interpretations, speculations, etc.). It does not mean blind faith of believing what the Social- Political-Religious Mind-Field is saying. it is to take back control of the senses and the sense organs, most of which are centred in the head.

The Media-Maya of the Collective Magnetic-Mind-Field has effectively taken control of your attention, your faculty of judgement and therefore possession of your being. Substituting your personal inner rhythms with the algorithms of digital technology. You are losing your Positive Mind.
What sacrifice will be needed, what sacrifice are you prepared to make, to take back possession of yourself and your self-experience.
Returning to 5 as communication, it means be careful of what you speak and what you hear. Returning your attention to what is happening with you, rather than what others are doing. As Sheik Farid says ‘’ first look under your own collar, rather than be involved in bad talk (including writing) about others’’.

Local Affirmative Action

21: 2+1 = 3. Action in 3-dimensional space. Element fire. Positive Mind, virtue equality.

Positive Mind: be positive about what?
In the context of number 1 (in 21) this means a repetition of confirming and affirming of your own soul. 3 is associated to action. Small details in your behaviour ensure the soul is included. The inner question is ‘what am I showing to the world, and what am I hiding from the world’?
The Positive Mind is to affirm and accept yourself so you may affirm and accept all. First take your space and place. include yourself. Then from self-respect have respect for all. No matter the outer appearance there is an underlying unity.
Without affirming in action there is a void. The gap of 2 then consumes the 1/soul and the 3/Positive Mind.
On the theme of action it is not the question ‘what should you do’ but ‘what will you do’? (The 1 in 3 of 21)
It is not easy for the soul to be visible to the world. Action does count. Let it be grounded in your integrity of spirit. Let it be practical. There is nothing to wait for and nothing to hope for. Do what you can in most local and personal way. In the immediate environment.
what is the subtle way that the soul reveals itself? It is in the nature of the smile. A smile that is light. An innerpage3image1689760page3image1691424

smile that communicates from soul to soul. The way you hold your spine and walk in the world. The way you sit on the earth and take rest.
3 is Fire, which is both creative and destructive. The question is what you create and what you destroy.
Burn with shame and anger or burn out the false understanding, your reactive patterns, your feelings of guilt, animosity and hopelessness. There is a treacherous fire burning in the pit of Maya. What kind of heat can build a bridge over that fire? Let your soul be a spark, a catalyst to action. Let your soul feel the warmth that invites it out of its cocoon into the daylight.

The virtue of 3 is equality. Forget having friends or enemies. Just affirm there are billions of others like you and me. Relate to everyone as equally part of the One. Here are the 3 levels of equality:

1, including self in God. Put you in the picture. God and me, me and God. Play your part. Participate. 2 Take. all events, all experiences, all have and have nots, as equal value.

The Creator is at work in all the creation and is not your enemy.
3. See God in all. All equal in God’s eyes. The Creative Being is present in every-one

Treat all as equal, show it in action.

Remember we come naked and with nothing but self. We go naked and with nothing but self. So, also in the passage through life, identify and never forget self.

The Hidden Treasure Number 1

The position of this number is known as the hidden treasure, though, when ignored, it becomes the hidden saboteur.

Number is 1 is the beginning. It is the impulse behind action. The inner capacity to take initiative, to stand up and volunteer.
This suggests 2021 contains the potential to restart and renew. When we have too many programs running, too many preoccupations and speculations, too much information overloading our system. Then it is time to close down the exterior operating systems and start again from a humble, simple, uncomplicated position. See below the comment on laying things down.

This will no longer be the time for shutdown, stay home, and do nothing. That was the 0 and the 4 of 2020. Having spent a year with the opportunity to be more in touch with your own inner home – in your heart 4.
In 2021 this crystalises to an inner point of reference. Your singular and solitary self. This is the reference and basis for solidarity with all others. Know your 1 to know the 1 in everyone.

Now in 2021 comes the impulse to self-initiate. You are part of the whole. Your participation is inevitable. Best to volunteer your position rather than be pushed in a corner.
Number 1 is focus, intention, the seed with full potential ready to unfold. In yogic and spiritual terms that is your soul. The inner spiritual DNA that carries the information about your purpose here on earth.

Grounding with the Earth is important. Respect for the 1 world we share and living by the natural laws of the ecosystem. These are important themes, however, to be authentic they must be paralleled with an inner alignment and anchoring to your own soul.
1 is the smallest number and the associated virtue is humility. Like a grain of sand in the vast desert.

True humility is not a weakness. It is a very concentrated condition of potency. As a spring wound up and ready to be released. As a seed can initiate a whole forest.

Instead of only asking questions about what is going on in the world, what is true, what is false? It is time to ask questions of yourself. To dive and dig deep into your soul and discover what is its nature, position, and inclination. So that you may make choices grounded, or anchored, on your original and essential nature.

You have 1 physical body with 1 spine and 1 tongue.
Stand straight in your own shoes and use your tongue to serve and express your soul.


Lay it all down

Lay down what?
The protective scar tissue we build around our inner wounds will sooner or later cause more pain that the original injury.
Lay down the defences and the attacks.
Laying down the games, beliefs, stories, speculations, theories, accusations, of your mind.
Lay down the angry projections and assumptions of blame and the shame, therefore also the guilt and the punishment.
It is recommended to express in detail what you are laying down. anger at who for what? Disappointed with who for what? Etc. But say it to lay it down. Not to regurgitate it over and again, not to win sympathy and emotionally manipulate others, not endlessly dig for explanations and answers where there may be none.

lay it down where?
An alter is a point of focus that serves to bring you into focus.
At the foot of a tree, at the foot of a mountain, at the foot of a deity, at the foot of your guru, your master. But remember this exterior alter is just a convex mirror to the vast dish of truth as unconditional love that flows in your heart and is ready to catch and transform everything you bring to it, returning unlimited compassion.

it is not enough to bring fruit and nice gifts to the alter. The alter is there to take the very worst of everything in your life. Your worst is the best gift to the alter.
Sit at your (inner) alter and acknowledge all that troubles you. This is not a bypass strategy. Nor is it a whirlpool of drowning in self-pity. Quite the opposite.

The struggles we bear within us need to be expressed, but they do not need to be acted out.
There is a middle way between the extremes of avoidance through pushing it down (denial, oppression, etc.) and flying above it (sublimation, false transcendence, spiritual intellectualisms).

It is you within you who needs to hear it. not your relatives, nor your therapist, nor your teacher. Though anyone may serve as a sounding board, or echo chamber. It is you within you who needs to say it, hear it and come to rest.
The alter is not some gate way to a God out there in the sky. The alter is a focused turning point that directs you to the you within you. The alter serves you to hear finally really what is going on in you. In such a manner that the lead weight of your baggage can be turned to Gold in your own heart. The dark coal will go under the pressure of your own brutal honesty and turn to diamond.

May your words build bridges
May you change through exchange
May your exchange be conscious
May your meetings bring reconciliation May our vibrations harmonize
May harmony radiate through the world May the call of every soul
Resound and be known
As The Self

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