The mul mantra were the first words that the first Sikh guru, Guru Nanak uttered in his moment of enlightenment. it is a mantra that helps to remove fate and awaken us to our destiny. the mantra is a journey back home to the SELF and ultimately to self realisation.

Ek ong kar:the creator is within all creation. If we recognise, accept and agree to this statement then we acknowledge that the divine is within all, within ourself, within our friends and enemies alike, within those that have loved and excelled in life and those we perceive that have fallen. There is no separation. There is equality. God, the divine is extending throughout creation. Everything and everyone has divinity within them. We can in humility bow down to the divinity within everyone.

2 of the aquarian Sutras that relate to this part of the mul mantra are:

“if you can’t see God in all. You can’t see God at all.” YB

“Recognise the other person is you.” YB

Sat Naam:here we are breathing in and identifying that the divinity within us that is permeating us and all life is our true nature. We are detaching from what is not real to attaching to what is real within us. We have come out of the sleep state, worked through the dream state, we have been clearing out our filters and projections and stop being lost in hypnosis and fantasy to realising that the divinity is our true nature. We are becoming more conscious of our true nature and having a relationship with it. We have a chalice/ a cup of prayer in our hearts. If we are blessed we can at this point become consciously conscious of being a consciousness but most of us need to take further steps on this journey back home to the source of who we are to become stable in our true identity. So the mantra continues.

Karta Purakh:here is a state of paradox where it is a state of active being. How can we hold both things together. How can we sacrifice control to allow the divine to flow and move us. It is a relationship holding the active and passive within the polarity.

Nirboh:if we recognise, accept and agree that the divine is within us and moving in everything and we have cultivated a relationship with the divine as our identity, can we then stand up fearless as warriors, stand up for justice and live our life in faith. We can meet what needs to be met within us and live with clarity, intuition and awareness. It is a state of grace.

Nirvair: Nirvair literally means no enemy. This means that there is no history. No past you are hooked into, keeping the karmic wheel turning. There is transparency. The window is clean and clear. The mind is no longer operating with intrigues and filters blocking our ability to see clearly. When we really understand this and have something to stand under forgiveness comes and we are able to forgive our enemy and anyone that has hurt us.

Akaal moorat: our true nature is undying. The body will drop but our true nature will prevail beyond time and space. When we relate to what is undying and infinite, the waters of compassion flow freely and abundantly.

“Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.” YB

Ajooni: our true nature is unborn beyond the wheel of life and death. Has always existed.

Saibhung: is total self realisation,.

Gur prasaad : Self realisation and the experience of god and me me and god are one comes through the grace of guru, through the grace of god.

Jap: Repeat.

Aad such, jugaad such haibhee such nanak hose bhee such: Nanak (1stsikh guru) tells us the The truth of who we are has always been, is now, will be in the future and will always be the case.

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