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Numerolgically, we are in a 4 year (2020). In Karam Kriya applied numerology, 4 is all about stopping, taking a pause, coming to the breath, allowing yourself to feel, be open, inviting consciousness, be of service, meditate, be in prayerfulness and presence.  These qualities of 4 are dharmic. Of course there are also karmic and shadow qualities of 4 eg., unconscious, unaware, paralysed, apathetic, closed, in pain etc.

Whether we are connected to a karmic or dharmic quality of the 4 Karam Kriya teaches us that it will unfold into a natural sequence of 4321, which we can live karmically or dharmically.
Here are a couple of examples of how 4321 may be playing out in life:

Karmic Sequence 4321: unaware and unconscious (4)  I act and do out of (3) need (2) and filling the gap of emptiness (2) with watching TV or eating too much (2) to not feel alone and isolated(1):
Dharmic sequence of 4321: 
Pausing i come to the breath. I become more present and aware. I stop (4) the continual doing and action(3), and my longing to belong (2) takes me to sit alone and anchor with the light and Self (1) within.

Same numbers in the sequence bringing a very different experience in life. See if you can find how this sequence plays out in your life.  Choose one quality of the 4 and then meditate on how the sequence unfolds for you.

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