Wherever you are

February 12, 2020

Where ever you are by Shiv Charan Singh

Wherever you are
You would be anyway
No matter the alternatives
The seeming varieties
The routes you could have walked
All paths to the same place
None really any different
Whatever you like to believe
You would still end up here

Whatever the road
None would be any better
Whatever you wished to avoid
Still, where you are
Is where you would be

In all possible tracks
You would
Have suffered the same blows
Enjoyed the same pleasures
Gained the same insights
And learnt the same lessons
There never was a better road
You were never going to be
Anywhere else but where you are

The same obstacles
Would cross your path
The same inspirations
Would awaken your heart
The frustrations that rise
The impulses that stimulate
All bringing the same experience
None would be any different
All attachments and fears
Would still be yours
The love and pain you feel
Would be no different
No matter with whom it is shared
In all scenarios
This time and place
Where you are now
Is exactly where you would be

And why is it so?
The constellation of the stars?
Your karmic record?
A Divine directive?
A genetic intelligence?
The choices you made?
Your responses to each situation?
Wherever you are now
You would be anyway

I am just a dream
On your way to the place
You are anyway going to arrive
It could have been another
The encounter would still occur
The same challenges given
No different wisdom passed on
No different the love shared
The same guidance
The identical provocations

All signposts you met
And have yet to meet
Invite the inner revolution
Offer the same support
Cleanses your delusions
Brings you to you
So you will be
Where you are to be


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