A Poem: The Treasures Within by Preet Kaur 3/01/17

Here is a poem that came through when preparing for the breath by breath retreat in february and the course of classes starting on jan 30th.

The Treasure within
Oh beloveds!
Come back in.
Don’t let the 5 thieves
Steal your prana from the treasures within.
Be blind, deaf and dumb
to the impermanent wanderings.
Go in, go in, go in.
You will find the treasures within.
The pearl inside you is calling.
to listen to the voice within.
The mansion of gold is inside you.
Follow the silent footsteps back in.
Rest dear ones in your true nature
have faith and attach to what is supreme
There is no worldly treasure that can distract you.
when you are absorbed in your true identity.
                                                                        Preet Kaur 3/1/17

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