Healing the wounds of love: workshop 24 June 2012

Healing the wounds of love

Sunday 24th June 2012

We are all in relationship and we all have had and have wounds of love. Just as the wounds of love are inevitable, infinite love has the power to heal them.

For any relationship to thrive, we need to first have a relationship with our soul. Self- love, self- trust, a balance of the male and female polarity inside our self, awareness, intuition, depth and caliber all help a relationship to flourish. When our cup is full, we can meet another without needing anything in return.

Healing the wounds of love is a workshop for anyone who wants to take responsibility, turn the longing to belong towards the divine, use the naad to clear the path of old wounds with our family, partner, friends and colleagues and use the power of forgiveness to melt the boundaries around the heart so that we can relate from the platform of our soul with anyone we meet.

Location: Beaumont Health Centre, Wells.

Time: 10am-5pm

Price: £60/£50 concs

To book your place, please contact Preet on 07704 636647 
or email her on preetkaur108@yhaoo.co.uk

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