Spring Equinox Cleanse with Preet Kaur, 20 March 2012

Spring Equinox Cleanse: The Spirit of Renewal

Tuesday 20th March 2012

Spring equinox is a powerful time to cleanse our self and spring forward into action. Nature at this time of year is at a heightened state of change, which means that it is an easier time to clear out the old, cleanse out the impurities, helping us to prepare for a new beginning. It is a time of regeneration, rebirth and transformation. In Chinese medicine, the liver is the organ that is most effected at Spring time, so a cleanse at this time is particularly effective in healing any imbalances in the liver.

The spring equinox workshop will include an early morning sadhana (this is optional, but spring equinox is at 05.14am), freshly made organic juices, kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations, sound healing with the gong, Tibetan and crystal bowls, walks in nature, we will look at ways of integrating the changes into our daily lives and we will end the cleanse with a healthy raw salad.

Price: £75

Location: Near Wells

Time: 5am-8pm

To book your place, please contact Preet on 07704 636647 or email her on preetkaur108@yhaoo.co.uk

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