Dates: 15th jan, 22nd Jan, 29th Jan, 5th Feb, 12th Feb, 19th Feb, 26th Feb, 4th March, 11th March
Location:  Near Wells
Time: 5-7.30a.m
Donation: £5
Shared Breakfast: Please bring breakfast food to share.  I will make porridge and supply teas.
N.B: Please bring a yoga mat, cushion to sit on and blanket for relaxation.
Sadhana is a sanskrit word: Sa meaning all or infinite and dhana meaning blessings. Sadhana is a spiritual discipline, a commitment to take time each day to relate to our authentic self, clean out the closets of our minds and cultivate a conscious relationship with our soul and the divine.  Sadhana is an act of cleansing ourself so that our soul can shine and radiate the truth of who we are.

The Kundalini Upanishads (yogic scriptures) indicate that sadhana is best practiced before sunrise in the ambrosial hours between 4-7a.m. We get up early for sadhana, as it is easier to meditate during these hours. The mind is calmer, the environment is quiet and the angle of the sun to the earth at this time makes it easier to go deeper into meditation.

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